Becoming a Graphic Designer

Part 3: Becoming a Graphic Designer

Now having had some time to learn the basics of Illustrator I began to look for more advanced material. This is easier said than done. The leap from where I was to what I was trying to follow online frustrated me to no end. This was probably the most difficult time during my start-up career. I had to keep going back and forth between the Tasty Tut tutorials and the new advanced material I was trying to follow and figure out what was going on. Looking back I wish I had been more methodical during the early days of my learning and more patient. Put the time in when you can people. Shortcuts don’t get you anywhere!

I then found a channel which I continue to use almost every day. Spoon Graphics! I went from outlining figures using the ‘pen’ tool to finding freebie vector art which was perfect for what I was trying to do. It meant that the hours of outlining were over and I was able to get so much more done than I had previously been doing. The efficiency of my workflow increased dramatically. I could spend more time learning the special effects of textures to get the look which I had been trying to create for so long.

The amount of resources Spoon Graphics offered compared to other sites was fantastic. The vector artworks really got me started on this journey. The simple layout of the tutorials was also easy to follow. I often go back to certain basic design styles and use them to create something unique and my own from Spoon graphics.

I would like to reiterate that this step, taking basic designs to slightly more advanced, took hours of my life and I’m sure that people who have previous design experience may be able help you out here. Starting from zero was difficult and if you can take online courses I would highly recommend you do that. If you don’t have access to online courses then I can’t think of a better way to get you started than Spoon Graphics!

1. Use spoon graphics. There is so much that you can get from the site and there is a wealth of resources and the tutorials for beginners are some of the best!!

Ciao for now…

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