Becoming a Graphic Designer

Part 4: Becoming a Graphic Designer

I hope that the information in the previous blogs may have helped you with your own start up graphic design career. This blog will focus on the transition to Photoshop.

Spending many hours and weeks getting to know Adobe Illustrator I wanted to keep evolving as a designer. I knew some information about Photoshop and I had been seeing some amazing designs while looking for channels and videos on Adobe Illustrator that pertained to Adobe Photoshop.

I had no idea how powerful the program really was, and I am still, I believe, only scratching the surface. Starting from zero again I took to doing some research online. These were some of my findings.

Good old Tasty Tuts was again such a great resource that I would highly recommend for a beginner starting this journey. If you are more advanced I would definitely say that you can skip this step. Gareth David’s ‘Beginner Course’ was fantastic and I recommend it to any start-up designer!

Not only was the course free but all the resources mentioned by Gareth are put on easy link downloads. You can go back and forth between the different topics which you think you may need or simply do the whole course! The great thing about this is, if you have online issues you can simply go offline but still follow along on written tutorials on the PDF folders.

It was not long before I had a basic grip of the program. I recommend, as an addition, to use and practice the skills taught in the course with your own materials or materials found online. It was the only way to let the feel become more natural with the program. Spend time mastering the basics. You won’t regret it.

Again, your progress will be determined by how much time you have available to invest in the program. I was fortunate enough to be able to focus all my energy and spend 8 or more hours a day learning the program. Just try and do as much as you can.

Next I will give you more advanced material that I found to help me take my Photoshop designs to the next level.

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